Class ForwardingFuture<V extends @Nullable Object>

    • Constructor Detail

      • ForwardingFuture

        protected ForwardingFuture()
        Constructor for use by subclasses.
    • Method Detail

      • delegate

        protected abstract Future<? extends Vdelegate()
        Description copied from class: ForwardingObject
        Returns the backing delegate instance that methods are forwarded to. Abstract subclasses generally override this method with an abstract method that has a more specific return type, such as ForwardingSet.delegate(). Concrete subclasses override this method to supply the instance being decorated.
        Specified by:
        delegate in class ForwardingObject
      • cancel

        public boolean cancel​(boolean mayInterruptIfRunning)
        Description copied from interface: java.util.concurrent.Future
        Attempts to cancel execution of this task. This attempt will fail if the task has already completed, has already been cancelled, or could not be cancelled for some other reason. If successful, and this task has not started when cancel is called, this task should never run. If the task has already started, then the mayInterruptIfRunning parameter determines whether the thread executing this task should be interrupted in an attempt to stop the task.

        After this method returns, subsequent calls to Future.isDone() will always return true. Subsequent calls to Future.isCancelled() will always return true if this method returned true.

        Specified by:
        cancel in interface Future<V extends @Nullable Object>
        mayInterruptIfRunning - true if the thread executing this task should be interrupted; otherwise, in-progress tasks are allowed to complete
        false if the task could not be cancelled, typically because it has already completed normally; true otherwise
      • isDone

        public boolean isDone()
        Description copied from interface: java.util.concurrent.Future
        Returns true if this task completed. Completion may be due to normal termination, an exception, or cancellation -- in all of these cases, this method will return true.
        Specified by:
        isDone in interface Future<V extends @Nullable Object>
        true if this task completed