Class MediaType

  • @Beta
    public final class MediaType
    extends Object
    Represents an Internet Media Type (also known as a MIME Type or Content Type). This class also supports the concept of media ranges defined by HTTP/1.1. As such, the * character is treated as a wildcard and is used to represent any acceptable type or subtype value. A media type may not have wildcard type with a declared subtype. The * character has no special meaning as part of a parameter. All values for type, subtype, parameter attributes or parameter values must be valid according to RFCs 2045 and 2046.

    All portions of the media type that are case-insensitive (type, subtype, parameter attributes) are normalized to lowercase. The value of the charset parameter is normalized to lowercase, but all others are left as-is.

    Note that this specifically does not represent the value of the MIME Content-Type header and as such has no support for header-specific considerations such as line folding and comments.

    For media types that take a charset the predefined constants default to UTF-8 and have a "_UTF_8" suffix. To get a version without a character set, use withoutParameters().

    Gregory Kick