Class CharEscaperBuilder

  • @Beta
    public final class CharEscaperBuilder
    extends Object
    Simple helper class to build a "sparse" array of objects based on the indexes that were added to it. The array will be from 0 to the maximum index given. All non-set indexes will contain null (so it's not really a sparse array, just a pseudo sparse array). The builder can also return a CharEscaper based on the generated array.
    Sven Mawson
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      • toArray

        public char @Nullable [][] toArray()
        Convert this builder into an array of char[]s where the maximum index is the value of the highest character that has been seen. The array will be sparse in the sense that any unseen index will default to null.
        a "sparse" array that holds the replacement mappings.
      • toEscaper

        public Escaper toEscaper()
        Convert this builder into a char escaper which is just a decorator around the underlying array of replacement char[]s.
        an escaper that escapes based on the underlying array.