Interface Function<F extends @Nullable Object,​T extends @Nullable Object>

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    AbstractLoadingCache, Converter, ForwardingLoadingCache, ForwardingLoadingCache.SimpleForwardingLoadingCache
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    This is a functional interface and can therefore be used as the assignment target for a lambda expression or method reference.

    public interface Function<F extends @Nullable Object,​T extends @Nullable Object>
    extends Function<F,​T>
    Legacy version of java.util.function.Function.

    The Functions class provides common functions and related utilities.

    As this interface extends java.util.function.Function, an instance of this type can be used as a java.util.function.Function directly. To use a java.util.function.Function in a context where a is needed, use function::apply.

    This interface is now a legacy type. Use java.util.function.Function (or the appropriate primitive specialization such as ToIntFunction) instead whenever possible. Otherwise, at least reduce explicit dependencies on this type by using lambda expressions or method references instead of classes, leaving your code easier to migrate in the future.

    See the Guava User Guide article on the use of Function.

    Kevin Bourrillion
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        boolean equals​(@CheckForNull
                       Object object)
        May return true if object is a Function that behaves identically to this function.

        Warning: do not depend on the behavior of this method.

        Historically, Function instances in this library have implemented this method to recognize certain cases where distinct Function instances would in fact behave identically. However, as code migrates to java.util.function, that behavior will disappear. It is best not to depend on it.

        equals in class Object
        object - the reference object with which to compare.
        true if this object is the same as the obj argument; false otherwise.
        See Also:
        Object.hashCode(), HashMap