Class GraphBuilder<N>

  • Type Parameters:
    N - The most general node type this builder will support. This is normally Object unless it is constrained by using a method like nodeOrder(<N1>), or the builder is constructed based on an existing Graph using from(Graph).

    public final class GraphBuilder<N>
    extends Object
    A builder for constructing instances of MutableGraph or ImmutableGraph with user-defined properties.

    A graph built by this class will have the following properties by default:

    • does not allow self-loops
    • orders Graph.nodes() in the order in which the elements were added

    Examples of use:

     // Building a mutable graph
     MutableGraph<String> graph = GraphBuilder.undirected().allowsSelfLoops(true).build();
     graph.putEdge("bread", "bread");
     graph.putEdge("chocolate", "peanut butter");
     graph.putEdge("peanut butter", "jelly");
     // Building an immutable graph
     ImmutableGraph<String> immutableGraph =
             .putEdge("bread", "bread")
             .putEdge("chocolate", "peanut butter")
             .putEdge("peanut butter", "jelly")
    James Sexton, Joshua O'Madadhain