Package com.google.common.util.concurrent

Concurrency utilities.


Interface Summary
AsyncFunction<I,O> Transforms a value, possibly asynchronously.
CheckedFuture<V,X extends Exception> A CheckedFuture is a ListenableFuture that includes versions of the get methods that can throw a checked exception.
FutureCallback<V> A callback for accepting the results of a Future computation asynchronously.
ListenableFuture<V> A Future that accepts completion listeners.
ListeningExecutorService An ExecutorService that returns ListenableFuture instances.
ListeningScheduledExecutorService A ScheduledExecutorService that returns ListenableFuture instances from its ExecutorService methods.
Service An object with an operational state, plus asynchronous Service.start() and Service.stop() lifecycle methods to transfer into and out of this state.
TimeLimiter Produces proxies that impose a time limit on method calls to the proxied object.

Class Summary
AbstractCheckedFuture<V,X extends Exception> A delegating wrapper around a ListenableFuture that adds support for the AbstractCheckedFuture.checkedGet() and AbstractCheckedFuture.checkedGet(long, TimeUnit) methods.
AbstractExecutionThreadService Base class for services that can implement AbstractExecutionThreadService.startUp(), AbstractExecutionThreadService.run() and AbstractExecutionThreadService.shutDown() methods.
AbstractFuture<V> An abstract implementation of the ListenableFuture interface.
AbstractIdleService Base class for services that do not need a thread while "running" but may need one during startup and shutdown.
AbstractScheduledService Base class for services that can implement AbstractScheduledService.startUp() and AbstractScheduledService.shutDown() but while in the "running" state need to perform a periodic task.
AbstractScheduledService.CustomScheduler A AbstractScheduledService.Scheduler that provides a convenient way for the AbstractScheduledService to use a dynamically changing schedule.
AbstractScheduledService.CustomScheduler.Schedule A value object that represents an absolute delay until a task should be invoked.
AbstractScheduledService.Scheduler A scheduler defines the policy for how the AbstractScheduledService should run its task.
AbstractService Base class for implementing services that can handle AbstractService.doStart() and AbstractService.doStop() requests, responding to them with AbstractService.notifyStarted() and AbstractService.notifyStopped() callbacks.
AtomicDouble A double value that may be updated atomically.
AtomicDoubleArray A double array in which elements may be updated atomically.
AtomicLongMap<K> A map containing long values that can be atomically updated.
Atomics Static utility methods pertaining to classes in the java.util.concurrent.atomic package.
Callables Static utility methods pertaining to the Callable interface.
ExecutionList A list of listeners, each with an associated Executor, that guarantees that every Runnable that is added will be executed after ExecutionList.execute() is called.
FakeTimeLimiter A TimeLimiter implementation which actually does not attempt to limit time at all.
ForwardingBlockingQueue<E> A BlockingQueue which forwards all its method calls to another BlockingQueue.
ForwardingCheckedFuture<V,X extends Exception> A future which forwards all its method calls to another future.
ForwardingCheckedFuture.SimpleForwardingCheckedFuture<V,X extends Exception> A simplified version of ForwardingCheckedFuture where subclasses can pass in an already constructed CheckedFuture as the delegate.
ForwardingExecutorService An executor service which forwards all its method calls to another executor service.
ForwardingFuture<V> A ForwardingFuture.SimpleForwardingFuture which forwards all its method calls to another future.
ForwardingFuture.SimpleForwardingFuture<V> A simplified version of ForwardingFuture where subclasses can pass in an already constructed Future as the delegate.
ForwardingListenableFuture<V> A ForwardingListenableFuture.SimpleForwardingListenableFuture which forwards all its method calls to another future.
ForwardingListenableFuture.SimpleForwardingListenableFuture<V> A simplified version of ForwardingListenableFuture where subclasses can pass in an already constructed ListenableFuture as the delegate.
ForwardingListeningExecutorService A listening executor service which forwards all its method calls to another listening executor service.
ForwardingService A Service that forwards all method calls to another service.
Futures Static utility methods pertaining to the Future interface.
JdkFutureAdapters Utilities necessary for working with libraries that supply plain Future instances.
ListenableFutureTask<V> A FutureTask that also implements the ListenableFuture interface.
Monitor A synchronization abstraction supporting waiting on arbitrary boolean conditions.
Monitor.Guard A boolean condition for which a thread may wait.
MoreExecutors Factory and utility methods for Executor, ExecutorService, and ThreadFactory.
SettableFuture<V> A ListenableFuture whose result may be set by a SettableFuture.set(Object) or SettableFuture.setException(Throwable) call.
SimpleTimeLimiter A TimeLimiter that runs method calls in the background using an ExecutorService.
ThreadFactoryBuilder A ThreadFactory builder, providing any combination of these features: whether threads should be marked as daemon threads a naming format a thread priority an uncaught exception handler a backing thread factory If no backing thread factory is provided, a default backing thread factory is used as if by calling setThreadFactory(Executors.defaultThreadFactory()).
UncaughtExceptionHandlers Factories for Thread.UncaughtExceptionHandler instances.
Uninterruptibles Utilities for treating interruptible operations as uninterruptible.

Enum Summary
Service.State The lifecycle states of a service.

Exception Summary
UncheckedExecutionException Unchecked variant of ExecutionException.
UncheckedTimeoutException Unchecked version of TimeoutException.

Error Summary
ExecutionError Error variant of ExecutionException.

Package com.google.common.util.concurrent Description

Concurrency utilities.

Commonly used types include ListenableFuture and Service.

Commonly used utilities include Futures, MoreExecutors, and ThreadFactoryBuilder.

This package is a part of the open-source Guava libraries.

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