Class JdkFutureAdapters

  extended by

public final class JdkFutureAdapters
extends Object

Utilities necessary for working with libraries that supply plain Future instances. Note that, whenver possible, it is strongly preferred to modify those libraries to return ListenableFuture directly.

10.0 (replacing Futures.makeListenable, which existed in 1.0)
Sven Mawson

Method Summary
<V> ListenableFuture<V>
listenInPoolThread(Future<V> future)
          Assigns a thread to the given Future to provide ListenableFuture functionality.
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Method Detail


public static <V> ListenableFuture<V> listenInPoolThread(Future<V> future)
Assigns a thread to the given Future to provide ListenableFuture functionality.

Warning: If the input future does not already implement ListenableFuture, the returned future will emulate ListenableFuture.addListener(java.lang.Runnable, java.util.concurrent.Executor) by taking a thread from an internal, unbounded pool at the first call to addListener and holding it until the future is done.

Prefer to create ListenableFuture instances with SettableFuture, MoreExecutors.listeningDecorator( java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService), ListenableFutureTask, AbstractFuture, and other utilities over creating plain Future instances to be upgraded to ListenableFuture after the fact.

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