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Packages that use ForwardingListenableFuture Concurrency utilities. 

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 class AbstractCheckedFuture<V,X extends Exception>
          A delegating wrapper around a ListenableFuture that adds support for the AbstractCheckedFuture.checkedGet() and AbstractCheckedFuture.checkedGet(long, TimeUnit) methods.
 class ForwardingCheckedFuture<V,X extends Exception>
          A future which forwards all its method calls to another future.
static class ForwardingCheckedFuture.SimpleForwardingCheckedFuture<V,X extends Exception>
          A simplified version of ForwardingCheckedFuture where subclasses can pass in an already constructed CheckedFuture as the delegate.
static class ForwardingListenableFuture.SimpleForwardingListenableFuture<V>
          A simplified version of ForwardingListenableFuture where subclasses can pass in an already constructed ListenableFuture as the delegate.

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