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Packages that use Multiset.Entry This package contains generic collection interfaces and implementations, and other utilities for working with collections. 

Uses of Multiset.Entry in

Methods in that return Multiset.Entry
<E> Multiset.Entry<E>
Multisets.immutableEntry(E e, int n)
          Returns an immutable multiset entry with the specified element and count.

Methods in that return types with arguments of type Multiset.Entry
 Set<Multiset.Entry<E>> ForwardingMultiset.entrySet()
 Set<Multiset.Entry<E>> ConcurrentHashMultiset.entrySet()
 Set<Multiset.Entry<E>> ImmutableMultiset.entrySet()
 Set<Multiset.Entry<E>> Multiset.entrySet()
          Returns a view of the contents of this multiset, grouped into Multiset.Entry instances, each providing an element of the multiset and the count of that element.

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