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Packages that use DiscreteDomain This package contains generic collection interfaces and implementations, and other utilities for working with collections. 

Uses of DiscreteDomain in

Methods in that return DiscreteDomain
static DiscreteDomain<Integer> DiscreteDomains.integers()
          Returns the discrete domain for values of type Integer.
static DiscreteDomain<Long> DiscreteDomains.longs()
          Returns the discrete domain for values of type Long.

Methods in with parameters of type DiscreteDomain
 ContiguousSet<C> Range.asSet(DiscreteDomain<C> domain)
          Returns an ImmutableSortedSet containing the same values in the given domain contained by this range.
 Range<C> Range.canonical(DiscreteDomain<C> domain)
          Returns the canonical form of this range in the given domain.

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