Package com.google.common.cache

This package contains caching utilities.


Interface Summary
AbstractCache.StatsCounter Accumulates statistics during the operation of a Cache for presentation by Cache.stats().
Cache<K,V> A semi-persistent mapping from keys to values.
RemovalListener<K,V> An object that can receive a notification when an entry is removed from a cache.

Class Summary
AbstractCache<K,V> This class provides a skeletal implementation of the Cache interface to minimize the effort required to implement this interface.
AbstractCache.SimpleStatsCounter A thread-safe AbstractCache.StatsCounter implementation for use by Cache implementors.
CacheBuilder<K,V> A builder of Cache instances having any combination of the following features: least-recently-used eviction when a maximum size is exceeded time-based expiration of entries, measured since last access or last write keys automatically wrapped in weak references values automatically wrapped in weak or soft references notification of evicted (or otherwise removed) entries
CacheLoader<K,V> Computes or retrieves values, based on a key, for use in populating a Cache.
CacheStats Statistics about the performance of a Cache.
ForwardingCache<K,V> A cache which forwards all its method calls to another cache.
ForwardingCache.SimpleForwardingCache<K,V> A simplified version of ForwardingCache where subclasses can pass in an already constructed Cache as the delegete.
RemovalListeners A collection of common removal listeners.
RemovalNotification<K,V> A notification of the removal of a single entry.

Enum Summary
RemovalCause The reason why a cached entry was removed.

Package com.google.common.cache Description

This package contains caching utilities.

The core interface used to represent caches is Cache. In-memory caches can be configured and created using CacheBuilder, with cache entries being loaded by CacheLoader. Statistics about cache performance are exposed using CacheStats.

This package is a part of the open-source Guava libraries.

Charles Fry

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