Class ClassPath

  • public final class ClassPath
    extends java.lang.Object
    Scans the source of a ClassLoader and finds all loadable classes and resources.

    Prefer ClassGraph over ClassPath

    We recommend using ClassGraph instead of ClassPath. ClassGraph improves upon ClassPath in several ways, including addressing many of its limitations. Limitations of ClassPath include:

    ClassPath and symlinks

    In the case of directory classloaders, symlinks are supported but cycles are not traversed. This guarantees discovery of each unique loadable resource. However, not all possible aliases for resources on cyclic paths will be listed.

    Ben Yu
    • Method Detail

      • from

        public static ClassPath from​(java.lang.ClassLoader classloader)
        Returns a ClassPath representing all classes and resources loadable from classloader and its ancestor class loaders.

        Warning: ClassPath can find classes and resources only from:

        • URLClassLoader instances' file: URLs
        • the system class loader. To search the system class loader even when it is not a URLClassLoader (as in Java 9), ClassPath searches the files from the java.class.path system property.
        Throws: - if the attempt to read class path resources (jar files or directories) failed.
      • getResources

        public ImmutableSet<ClassPath.ResourceInfogetResources()
        Returns all resources loadable from the current class path, including the class files of all loadable classes but excluding the "META-INF/MANIFEST.MF" file.