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Removed Classes and Interfaces
AbstractCheckedFuture A delegating wrapper around a ListenableFuture that adds support for the .checkedGet() and .checkedGet(long, TimeUnit) methods.
CheckedFuture A {@code CheckedFuture} is a ListenableFuture that includes versions of the {@code get} methods that can throw a checked exception.
ForwardingCheckedFuture A future which forwards all its method calls to another future.
A simplified version of ForwardingCheckedFuture where subclasses can pass in an already constructed CheckedFuture as the delegate.

Changed Classes and Interfaces
A scheduler defines the policy for how the AbstractScheduledService should run its task.
FluentFuture A ListenableFuture that supports fluent chains of operations.
Futures Static utility methods pertaining to the Future interface.
Monitor A synchronization abstraction supporting waiting on arbitrary boolean conditions.
MoreExecutors Factory and utility methods for java.util.concurrent.Executor, ExecutorService, and ThreadFactory.
RateLimiter A rate limiter.
Service An object with an operational state, plus asynchronous .startAsync() and .stopAsync() lifecycle methods to transition between states.
ServiceManager A manager for monitoring and controlling a set of Service services.
TimeLimiter Imposes a time limit on method calls.
Uninterruptibles Utilities for treating interruptible operations as uninterruptible.