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Changed Classes and Interfaces
AbstractFuture An abstract implementation of ListenableFuture, intended for advanced users only.
AbstractListeningExecutorService Abstract ListeningExecutorService implementation that creates ListenableFuture instances for each Runnable and Callable submitted to it.
AsyncFunction Transforms a value, possibly asynchronously.
Atomics Static utility methods pertaining to classes in the {@code java.util.concurrent.atomic} package.
Callables Static utility methods pertaining to the Callable interface.
ClosingFuture.ValueAndCloser An object that holds the final result of an asynchronous ClosingFuture operation and allows the user to close all the closeable objects that were captured during it for later closing.
ExecutionError Error variant of java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException.
FakeTimeLimiter A TimeLimiter implementation which actually does not attempt to limit time at all.
ForwardingExecutorService An executor service which forwards all its method calls to another executor service.
ForwardingFuture A Future which forwards all its method calls to another future.
ForwardingListeningExecutorService A listening executor service which forwards all its method calls to another listening executor service.
FutureCallback A callback for accepting the results of a java.util.concurrent.Future computation asynchronously.
Futures Static utility methods pertaining to the Future interface.
ListenableFutureTask A FutureTask that also implements the ListenableFuture interface.
ListeningExecutorService An ExecutorService that returns ListenableFuture instances.
Service.State The lifecycle states of a service.
ServiceManager A manager for monitoring and controlling a set of Service services.
SettableFuture A ListenableFuture whose result can be set by a .set(Object), .setException(Throwable) or .setFuture(ListenableFuture) call.
SimpleTimeLimiter A TimeLimiter that runs method calls in the background using an ExecutorService.
Striped A striped {@code Lock/Semaphore/ReadWriteLock}.
TimeLimiter Imposes a time limit on method calls.
UncheckedExecutionException Unchecked variant of java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException.
UncheckedTimeoutException Unchecked version of java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException.
Uninterruptibles Utilities for treating interruptible operations as uninterruptible.