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Changed Classes and Interfaces
Converter A function from {@code A} to {@code B} with an associated reverse function from {@code B} to {@code A}; used for converting back and forth between different representations of the same information.
Equivalence A strategy for determining whether two instances are considered equivalent, and for computing hash codes in a manner consistent with that equivalence.
Equivalence.Wrapper Wraps an object so that .equals(Object) and .hashCode() delegate to an Equivalence.
Function Legacy version of java.util.function.Function.
Functions Static utility methods pertaining to {@code} instances; see that class for information about migrating to {@code java.util.function}.
Joiner An object which joins pieces of text (specified as an array, Iterable, varargs or even a Map) with a separator. It either appends the results to an Appendable or returns them as a String. Example:
 Joiner joiner = Joiner.on("; ").skipNulls();
  . . .
 return joiner.join("Harry", null, "Ron", "Hermione");
MoreObjects.ToStringHelper Support class for MoreObjects.toStringHelper.
Objects Helper functions that can operate on any {@code Object}.
Optional An immutable object that may contain a non-null reference to another object.
Preconditions Static convenience methods that help a method or constructor check whether it was invoked correctly (that is, whether its preconditions were met).
Predicate Legacy version of java.util.function.Predicate.
Predicates Static utility methods pertaining to {@code Predicate} instances.
StandardSystemProperty Represents a System#getProperties() standard system property.
Strings Static utility methods pertaining to {@code String} or {@code CharSequence} instances.
Supplier Legacy version of java.util.function.Supplier.
Suppliers Useful suppliers.
Throwables Static utility methods pertaining to instances of Throwable.
Verify Static convenience methods that serve the same purpose as Java language assertions, except that they are always enabled.
VerifyException Exception thrown upon the failure of a verification check, including those performed by the convenience methods of the Verify class.