Class ServiceManager.Listener

  • Enclosing class:

    public abstract static class ServiceManager.Listener
    extends Object
    A listener for the aggregate state changes of the services that are under management. Users that need to listen to more fine-grained events (such as when each particular service starts, or terminates), should attach service listeners to each individual service.
    15.0 (present as an interface in 14.0)
    Luke Sandberg
    • Method Detail

      • healthy

        public void healthy()
        Called when the service initially becomes healthy.

        This will be called at most once after all the services have entered the running state. If any services fail during start up or fail/terminate before all other services have started running then this method will not be called.

      • stopped

        public void stopped()
        Called when the all of the component services have reached a terminal state, either terminated or failed.
      • failure

        public void failure​(Service service)
        Called when a component service has failed.
        service - The service that failed.