Interface RowSortedTable<R,​C,​V>

    • Method Detail

      • rowKeySet

        Returns a set of row keys that have one or more values in the table. Changes to the set will update the underlying table, and vice versa.

        This method returns a SortedSet, instead of the Set specified in the Table interface.

        Specified by:
        rowKeySet in interface Table<R,​C,​V>
        set of row keys
      • rowMap

        SortedMap<R,​Map<C,​V>> rowMap()
        Returns a view that associates each row key with the corresponding map from column keys to values. Changes to the returned map will update this table. The returned map does not support put() or putAll(), or setValue() on its entries.

        In contrast, the maps returned by rowMap().get() have the same behavior as those returned by Table.row(R). Those maps may support setValue(), put(), and putAll().

        This method returns a SortedMap, instead of the Map specified in the Table interface.

        Specified by:
        rowMap in interface Table<R,​C,​V>
        a map view from each row key to a secondary map from column keys to values