Interface CycleDetectingLockFactory.Policy

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public static interface CycleDetectingLockFactory.Policy

Encapsulates the action to be taken when a potential deadlock is encountered. Clients can use one of the predefined CycleDetectingLockFactory.Policies or specify a custom implementation. Implementations must be thread-safe.


Method Summary
 void handlePotentialDeadlock(CycleDetectingLockFactory.PotentialDeadlockException exception)
          Called when a potential deadlock is encountered.

Method Detail


void handlePotentialDeadlock(CycleDetectingLockFactory.PotentialDeadlockException exception)
Called when a potential deadlock is encountered. Implementations can throw the given exception and/or execute other desired logic.

Note that the method will be called even upon an invocation of tryLock(). Although tryLock() technically recovers from deadlock by eventually timing out, this behavior is chosen based on the assumption that it is the application's wish to prohibit any cyclical lock acquisitions.

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