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Packages that use GenericMapMaker This package contains generic collection interfaces and implementations, and other utilities for working with collections. 

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 class MapMaker
          A builder of ConcurrentMap instances having any combination of the following features: keys or values automatically wrapped in weak or soft references notification of evicted (or otherwise removed) entries on-demand computation of values for keys not already present

Methods in that return GenericMapMaker
abstract  GenericMapMaker<K0,V0> GenericMapMaker.concurrencyLevel(int concurrencyLevel)
          See MapMaker.concurrencyLevel.
abstract  GenericMapMaker<K0,V0> GenericMapMaker.initialCapacity(int initialCapacity)
          See MapMaker.initialCapacity.
abstract  GenericMapMaker<K0,V0> GenericMapMaker.softKeys()
abstract  GenericMapMaker<K0,V0> GenericMapMaker.softValues()
          See MapMaker.softValues().
abstract  GenericMapMaker<K0,V0> GenericMapMaker.weakKeys()
          See MapMaker.weakKeys().
abstract  GenericMapMaker<K0,V0> GenericMapMaker.weakValues()
          See MapMaker.weakValues().

Methods in with parameters of type GenericMapMaker
<E> ConcurrentHashMultiset<E>
ConcurrentHashMultiset.create(GenericMapMaker<? super E,? super Number> mapMaker)
          Creates a new, empty ConcurrentHashMultiset using mapMaker to construct the internal backing map.

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