Uses of Interface

Packages that use Service Concurrency utilities. 

Uses of Service in

Classes in that implement Service
 class AbstractExecutionThreadService
          Base class for services that can implement AbstractExecutionThreadService.startUp(), and AbstractExecutionThreadService.shutDown() methods.
 class AbstractIdleService
          Base class for services that do not need a thread while "running" but may need one during startup and shutdown.
 class AbstractScheduledService
          Base class for services that can implement AbstractScheduledService.startUp() and AbstractScheduledService.shutDown() but while in the "running" state need to perform a periodic task.
 class AbstractService
          Base class for implementing services that can handle AbstractService.doStart() and AbstractService.doStop() requests, responding to them with AbstractService.notifyStarted() and AbstractService.notifyStopped() callbacks.
 class ForwardingService
          A Service that forwards all method calls to another service.

Methods in that return Service
protected abstract  Service ForwardingService.delegate()

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