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Packages that use ImmutableTable.Builder This package contains generic collection interfaces and implementations, and other utilities for working with collections. 

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Methods in that return ImmutableTable.Builder
<R,C,V> ImmutableTable.Builder<R,C,V>
          Returns a new builder.
 ImmutableTable.Builder<R,C,V> ImmutableTable.Builder.orderColumnsBy(Comparator<? super C> columnComparator)
          Specifies the ordering of the generated table's columns.
 ImmutableTable.Builder<R,C,V> ImmutableTable.Builder.orderRowsBy(Comparator<? super R> rowComparator)
          Specifies the ordering of the generated table's rows.
 ImmutableTable.Builder<R,C,V> ImmutableTable.Builder.put(R rowKey, C columnKey, V value)
          Associates the (rowKey, columnKey) pair with value in the built table.
 ImmutableTable.Builder<R,C,V> ImmutableTable.Builder.put(Table.Cell<? extends R,? extends C,? extends V> cell)
          Adds the given cell to the table, making it immutable if necessary.
 ImmutableTable.Builder<R,C,V> ImmutableTable.Builder.putAll(Table<? extends R,? extends C,? extends V> table)
          Associates all of the given table's keys and values in the built table.

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