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Packages that use Sink Hash functions and related structures. 

Uses of Sink in

Subinterfaces of Sink in
 interface Hasher
          A Sink that can compute a hash code after reading the input.

Methods in that return Sink
 Sink Sink.putBoolean(boolean b)
          Puts a boolean into this sink.
 Sink Sink.putByte(byte b)
          Puts a byte into this sink.
 Sink Sink.putBytes(byte[] bytes)
          Puts an array of bytes into this sink.
 Sink Sink.putBytes(byte[] bytes, int off, int len)
          Puts a chunk of an array of bytes into this sink.
 Sink Sink.putChar(char c)
          Puts a character into this sink.
 Sink Sink.putDouble(double d)
          Puts a double into this sink.
 Sink Sink.putFloat(float f)
          Puts a float into this sink.
 Sink Sink.putInt(int i)
          Puts an int into this sink.
 Sink Sink.putLong(long l)
          Puts a long into this sink.
 Sink Sink.putShort(short s)
          Puts a short into this sink.
 Sink Sink.putString(CharSequence charSequence)
          Puts a string into this sink.
 Sink Sink.putString(CharSequence charSequence, Charset charset)
          Puts a string into this sink using the given charset.

Methods in with parameters of type Sink
 void Funnel.funnel(T from, Sink into)
          Sends a stream of data from the from object into the sink into.

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