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Packages that use CacheLoader This package contains caching utilities. 

Uses of CacheLoader in

Methods in that return CacheLoader
<K,V> CacheLoader<K,V>
CacheLoader.from(Function<K,V> function)
          Returns a CacheLoader which creates values by applying a Function to the key.
<V> CacheLoader<Object,V>
CacheLoader.from(Supplier<V> supplier)
          Returns a CacheLoader which obtains values from a Supplier (independent of the key).

Methods in with parameters of type CacheLoader
<K1 extends K,V1 extends V>
LoadingCache<K1,V1><? super K1,V1> loader)
          Builds a cache, which either returns an already-loaded value for a given key or atomically computes or retrieves it using the supplied CacheLoader.

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