Class ForwardingCache.SimpleForwardingCache<K,V>

  extended by
      extended by<K,V>
          extended by<K,V>
All Implemented Interfaces:
Function<K,V>, Cache<K,V>
Enclosing class:

public abstract static class ForwardingCache.SimpleForwardingCache<K,V>
extends ForwardingCache<K,V>

A simplified version of ForwardingCache where subclasses can pass in an already constructed Cache as the delegete.


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Constructor Summary
protected ForwardingCache.SimpleForwardingCache(Cache<K,V> delegate)
Method Summary
protected  Cache<K,V> delegate()
          Returns the backing delegate instance that methods are forwarded to.
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Constructor Detail


protected ForwardingCache.SimpleForwardingCache(Cache<K,V> delegate)
Method Detail


protected final Cache<K,V> delegate()
Description copied from class: ForwardingObject
Returns the backing delegate instance that methods are forwarded to. Abstract subclasses generally override this method with an abstract method that has a more specific return type, such as ForwardingSet.delegate(). Concrete subclasses override this method to supply the instance being decorated.

Specified by:
delegate in class ForwardingCache<K,V>

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