Annotation Type GwtIncompatible

public @interface GwtIncompatible

The presence of this annotation on a method indicates that the method may not be used with the Google Web Toolkit (GWT), even though its type is annotated as GwtCompatible and accessible in GWT. They can cause GWT compilation errors or simply unexpected exceptions when used in GWT.

Note that this annotation should only be applied to methods, fields, or inner classes of types which are annotated as GwtCompatible.

Charles Fry

Required Element Summary
 String value
          Describes why the annotated element is incompatible with GWT.

Element Detail


public abstract String value
Describes why the annotated element is incompatible with GWT. Since this is generally due to a dependence on a type/method which GWT doesn't support, it is sufficient to simply reference the unsupported type/method. E.g. "Class.isInstance".

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