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Packages that use InternetDomainName This package contains utility methods and classes for working with net addresses (numeric IP and domain names). 

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Methods in that return InternetDomainName
 InternetDomainName InternetDomainName.child(String leftParts)
          Creates and returns a new InternetDomainName by prepending the argument and a dot to the current name.
static InternetDomainName InternetDomainName.from(String domain)
          Returns an instance of InternetDomainName after lenient validation.
static InternetDomainName InternetDomainName.fromLenient(String domain)
          Deprecated. Use from(String)
 InternetDomainName InternetDomainName.parent()
          Returns an InternetDomainName that is the immediate ancestor of this one; that is, the current domain with the leftmost part removed.
 InternetDomainName InternetDomainName.publicSuffix()
          Returns the public suffix portion of the domain name, or null if no public suffix is present.
 InternetDomainName InternetDomainName.topPrivateDomain()
          Returns the portion of this domain name that is one level beneath the public suffix.

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