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Removed Methods
(CheckedFuture<V, X>immediateCheckedFuture(V) Returns a {@code CheckedFuture} which has its value set immediately upon construction.
(CheckedFuture<V, X>immediateFailedCheckedFuture(X extends Exception) Returns a {@code CheckedFuture} which has an exception set immediately upon construction.
(CheckedFuture<V, X>makeChecked(ListenableFuture<V>, Function<?, super, Exception, X>) Creates a CheckedFuture out of a normal ListenableFuture and a Function that maps from Exception instances into the appropriate checked type.

Added Methods
V getChecked(Future<V>, Class<X>, Duration) Returns the result of Future.get(long, TimeUnit), converting most exceptions to a new instance of the given checked exception type.
ListenableFuture<O> scheduleAsync(AsyncCallable<O>, Duration, ScheduledExecutorService) Schedules {@code callable} on the specified {@code executor}, returning a {@code Future}.
ListenableFuture<V> withTimeout(ListenableFuture<V>, Duration, ScheduledExecutorService) Returns a future that delegates to another but will finish early (via a TimeoutException wrapped in an ExecutionException) if the specified duration expires.