Class Splitter.MapSplitter

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    public static final class Splitter.MapSplitter
    extends Object
    An object that splits strings into maps as Splitter splits iterables and lists. Like Splitter, it is thread-safe and immutable. The common way to build instances is by providing an additional key-value separator to Splitter.
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        public Map<String,​Stringsplit​(CharSequence sequence)
        Splits sequence into substrings, splits each substring into an entry, and returns an unmodifiable map with each of the entries. For example, Splitter.on(';').trimResults().withKeyValueSeparator("=>").split("a=>b ; c=>b") will return a mapping from "a" to "b" and "c" to "b".

        The returned map preserves the order of the entries from sequence.

        IllegalArgumentException - if the specified sequence does not split into valid map entries, or if there are duplicate keys